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Pedodontist Orange

Pedodontist Orange

Is your child experiencing a toothache that has gone from mild to severe? Often parents like to believe that this is simply from teeth falling out or growing into their smile, but the truth is that permanent teeth should not be terribly painful, and nor should loss of primary teeth. A toothache of any level of severity, be it mild or severe, warrants a visit to your local Orange pedodontist as soon as possible. A severe toothache could be the cause of serious dental decay causing harm to young teeth, and as such warrants the care of childhood dental experts at the uniquely kid-friendly offices of the Children’s Dental Group.

Orange Children's Dental Exams

Orange Children’s Dental Exams

Believe it or not, primary teeth are just as important to your child’s oral health as the permanent teeth they will later grow into. This is due to the fact that the health and growth of primary teeth directly effect that of the permanent teeth that will one day replace them. Primary teeth which are lost early can cause permanent teeth to become malformed or grow into the wrong place, causing gaps or crowding in your daughter or son’s smile. Primary teeth are unique from permanent teeth in that the chamber which houses their pulp and nerves inside each tooth is much larger than permanent teeth. This makes it very easy for decay to create cavities in these teeth which spread to this chamber. When this happens teeth go from needing a simple cavity treatment to a far more complicated procedure which should only be entrusted to your professional Orange pedodontist.

When a cavity breaks through to the pulp chamber, a pulpotomy must be performed in order to stop the spread of infection from destroying the tooth. Your trusted Orange pedodontist will remove the infected material, and replace it with a medicated filling that will deliver a low dose of antibiotics at a gradual rate in order to wipe out tooth decay at even a microscopic level, and keep it from ever coming back. A pulpotomy not only wipes out infections, but it also stops the bacteria from spreading to the pulp in the canals. Your child’s pulpotomy is then finished with the appropriate filling, either a regular filling or a stainless steel crown depending on the location of your son or daughter’s infection.

Time is of the essence when it comes to tooth decay and infections of the pulp, as they can quickly spread and cause the tooth to be removed entirely. For this reason parents should never hesitate to visit their neighborhood Orange pedodontist at the first sight of pain. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff can put your child at ease even while we provide the care they need to return young smiles to a picture of perfect health.

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