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Even the most experienced dentists can’t detect everything that may be happening in your child’s mouth with their naked eye. Modern x-ray technology, however, allows our Fountain Valley pedodontist to spot problem areas with your children’s oral health that could otherwise go undetected. Issues that occur inside your child’s tooth, or below their gum line, and problems such as bone loss, periodontal disease, and decay between teeth, can now be found and treated at their earliest stages. At Children’s Dental Group, we know that early detection and prevention is very important for your child’s dental health, as well as, ultimately, saving you time, money, and stress.

92704 Pediatric Dentistry

92704 Pediatric Dentistry

We now offer state-of- the-art x-ray technology, with safer, faster, and cleaner, digital dental x-rays. Getting a digital dental x-ray is a faster process because the image is captured electronically and then transferred immediately to a computer. In addition, harmful chemicals that create toxic waste for the environment are not necessary to develop a digital x-ray. Most importantly, a digital x-ray with our Fountain Valley pedodontist, is safer for your children because they are exposed to much less radiation than with a conventional x-ray.

The need for dental x-rays and how often your child should have them depends on a number of circumstances. Our Fountain Valley pedodontist consults with you in effort to find out as much as possible about your child’s medical history and habits. Factors such as history of gum disease, consuming sugary drinks, or extensive restorative work, may increase the need for more regular dental x-rays. Today’s digital dental x-rays helps our pedodontist detect tooth decay, bone loss, and other issues that only an x-ray can show. As our well-educated staff gets to know your child better, we will be able to determine whether, and how often, they should have their teeth scanned. In order to monitor the continued growth of their teeth and jaw, your children may need digital dental x-rays more often than adults. A digital x-ray will also help our Fountain Valley pedodontist install braces, dentures, and implants, as well as to monitor the state of wisdom teeth. Our goal is not only to keep current with all dental advancements but to share that innovative technology with each patient.

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