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Tustin Pediatric Dentist

Tustin Pediatric Dentist

Preventing your child from getting cavities is very important. If your child gets cavities he or she will not only be uncomfortable and experience pain but will also have to undergo uncomfortable dental work that could have been avoided. At Children’s Dental Group, our Tustin pediatric dentists partner with you and your child to help you to prevent your child from unnecessary restorative dental procedures. While proper diet, teeth-brushing, and flossing are important; they are only part of the equation. Cavity prevention involves much more than that.  The key ingredients necessary for effective cavity prevention include: regular checkups, education, and motivation. Your child needs to get regular dental checkups by an experienced pediatric dental practice; not a general dentist. The dental practice needs to provide you and your child with the proper information on daily oral hygiene. Children’s Dental Group is unique because we include one very important ingredient in cavity prevention that others often miss; motivation. We believe that it’s very important to motivate your child to want to participate in his or her own oral hygiene.

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Tustin Pediatric Dental Care

At Children’s Dental Group, our read more motivate your child by providing a fun, entertaining, and worry-free environment. Your child will absolutely love our office! We offer a movie theatre, video games, as well as other fun activities that your child can enjoy. Our dentists and staff at Children’s Dental Group are friendly and treat your child in a kind manner.  We work very hard to ensure that your child feels relaxed and worry-free while at our office.  We do everything we can to make your child’s visit enjoyable, fun, and happy.

Since our Tustin pediatric dentist office is such a positive, happy, and fun environment for children, he or she will be motivated to participate in learning about proper oral hygiene and to follow through with it at home. This greatly decreases your child’s chance of getting cavities.

Our wikipedia reference practice makes building trust and establishing positive relationships with our pediatric patients and families a priority.  At Children’s Dental Group, our Tustin pediatric dentists would love the opportunity to welcome you to our family. We look forward to meeting you and your child.  We invite you to visit our office to get a tour.

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