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Garden Grove Pedodontist

Garden Grove Pedodontist

As a parent there is no matter of greater importance then the health and happiness of your children. Many of our calendars are filled with doctor’s appointments for check-ups and vaccinations, especially in their younger years. However, in the rush to maintain that you child receives the best in formulas and medical care, we often forget the need to schedule in pediatric dental care. There is a common misconception among many of us that our children are too young for dental care, when the truth is the first years of your child’s life are among the most crucial to a healthy smile. When it comes to the best dental care for your child, trust your pediatric dental care experts at the local Recommended Site at the Children’s Dental Group to help your children maintain healthy smiles for life.

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Pediatric Dental Care Garden Grove

Pediatric dental hygiene begins for your child the moment they are brought into this world. Dental care is about much more than teeth, it begins with healthy gums for your children’s to grow into. As a parent you can begin caring for their gums in a simple manner by wiping their gum line clean after feeding with a wet piece of gauze or a clean, damp wash cloth to remove any extra food. Plaque build-up can begin only 20 minutes after eating, so it’s important to do so between feedings to insure their gum-line remains healthy. The moment your child grows their first tooth, normally at six months of age, your son or daughter is ready for their first dental appointment with your trusted Recommended Site for a pediatric dental examination.

At six months of age your child is ready to receive their first dental exam from your professional Recommended Site where your doctor can identify any hereditary conditions and begin to work with you and your children to begin a life time of dental health care to give your little ones a beautiful smile to grow into. At six months of age you can also begin brushing your child’s teeth with an appropriately sized toothbrush and tap water. Most children are able to spit out fluids properly at the age two, and at this age your child can begin brushing their teeth with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste under close parental supervision. Children also require fluoride treatments, but such care should always be under the close instruction of a pediatric dentist, and can be easily taken care of at our kid-friendly offices at the Children’s Dental Group. Our practice is uniquely geared to the comfort, care, and education of children’s dental care unlike any other you will ever find. At the Children’s Dental Group your child can receive professional care and instruction for a beautiful smile all of their lives.

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