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Interceptive Orthodontics 92704

The appearance of our teeth and our smile is important to us. We like having a great smile with which to put forward and it instills us with confidence to express ourselves. Often, braces and other orthodontic treatments are used to fix any dental disfigurations or misalignments in order to create straighter smiles, but orthodontics can be used to prevent present or future dental problems as well. The alignment of our teeth can not only affect our appearance, but can affect the effectiveness of our bite and our jaw health, which when problematic can lead to serious dental issues and dental strain. Here at Children’s Dental Group, we provide younger children with interceptive orthodontics in order to solve such issues. At our Fountain Valley pediatric orthodontist, your children will experience gentle and comprehensive dental care.

Braces 92704

Braces 92704

Interceptive orthodontics is designed to prevent future dental issues. Often, braces and other orthodontic procedures are not conducted until a child is around the ages of 12 or 14 but interceptive orthodontics can begin as early as 7 years old. This is done in order to take advantage of a child’s continuing growth and can provide easier and more successful results. If you schedule an appointment for your child here at Children’s Dental Group, you child will see one of our orthodontists who will first conduct a preliminary examination and evaluation to determine your child’s dental needs. It is vital that our Fountain Valley pediatric orthodontist has a thorough understanding of your child’s mouth in order to precisely map their orthodontic treatment. Interceptive orthodontics can resolve issues such as crowding, uneven development of the upper and the lower jaw, crossbite, overbite, underbite, or open bites. Additionally, these methods can help solve issues that develop as a result of chronic thumb sucking or other habits.

Our Fountain Valley pediatric orthodontist can provide your child with interceptive orthodontics plan and procedure that provides them with a beautiful and healthy mouth. A visit to Children’s Dental Group can help ensure that your child’s mouth is in good hands and can develop in a healthy and pain-free way.

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