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Pediatric Dentist Santa Ana

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For over 8 years, this Pediatric dentist in Santa Ana has been providing the best dental care to all of the young smiles. The problem with children is that they are afraid of the dentist because of the stereotype and also due to the sharp objects and drills. While we can’t do much about our tools, we try very hard to change our stereotype. Our dental office is like no other you’ve ever seen before. Our waiting room features some of the most fun toys can play with, video games, a movie theater, rides, fun colors, and fun people. All of our doctors are specially trained in pediatric dental care so you can rest assured that your child is getting the dental care they need!

Our pediatric dentist are specially trained in taking care of your young ones teeth. Our dentists also take the time to educate and try to build good habits with your children. We try to build good habits such as remembering to brush twice a day, keeping in mind that flossing is also very important, as well as how to brush to optimally clean their teeth. By building up good habits, it will truly ensure great dental health for a lifetime! Call for a free tour of our practice!

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2144 South Bristol Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704