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Cavity prevention in Santa Ana

Santa Ana pediatric dental office
Santa Ana pediatric dental office

At Children’s Dental Group, our Santa Ana pediatric dental office diagnoses and treats pediatric dental decay and cavities. Early childhood cavities can be a problem for kids, because of inadequate brushing and flossing, which is why we work to keep on top of your child’s oral health and care for their developing teeth. Regular pediatric dental exams and cleanings are recommended.

Children’s teeth are especially susceptible to tooth decay because food and debris can get trapped in between the tooth and the gum, leading to cavities and decay over time. Children do not yet know how to maintain proper oral health and brush their teeth, and should be taught as early as possible. Having healthy teeth is important in helping your child chew properly and aids in the development of their speech. Once permanent teeth grow in, they need proper spacing to grow in properly. Schedule a comprehensive exam for your child’s early preventative care today at our Santa Ana pediatric dental office.

Children’s Dental Group specializes in making kids feel comfortable and at ease in our office while they’re here, providing them with individual attention in a clean and relaxing atmosphere. We recommend they come in for an annual cleaning each year, and having their teeth checked at our Santa Ana pediatric dental office whenever an issue arises, just to ensure that teeth are developing as planned. As kids grow older, it’s important to think about early orthodontics as well. Interceptive orthodontics are designed to create a plan for issues before they arise later on in life, and to create a treatment plan for when kids need braces. The goal is to start treatment early, so that kids won’t have to deal with dental problems later on in life. Braces are important to keeping teeth that are misaligned straight.

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