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Cavity prevention in Santa Ana

Santa Ana pediatric dental office
Santa Ana pediatric dental office

For children, cavity prevention is even more vital than it is for adults. For one thing, kids are more likely to have a diet high in sugar, and also the delicate transition from baby teeth to adult teeth can be disrupted if one or more baby teeth are removed before they would fall out on their normal schedule. Here at Children’s Dental Group, we recommend a solid strategy for preventing cavities that includes good practices at home combined with twice-yearly visits to our Santa Ana pediatric dental office.

Plaque is formed due to an acid reaction in which bacteria in the mouth digest sugars. This goes on for about 20 minutes after eating. Your child’s precious tooth enamel then begins to erode, what we call tooth decay, and the result is a cavity. Among the best ways you can help her or him avoid cavities is by keeping a close eye on how much sugar he or she eats, limit how many times per day your child eats, be careful about drinks (many of them contain a lot of sugar), and stay away from sticky foods. Our Santa Ana pediatric dental office suggests that children brush after eating, floss daily, and also rinse. If possible, make treats a part of a meal and opt for more nutritious snacks to give them. If you follow the above guidelines, you will be putting the odds in your child’s favor for stopping the worst effects of tooth decay. She or he should also have a dental exam and cleaning every six months, or for some children who are more prone to cavities, perhaps more often. Our Santa Ana pediatric dental office will discuss this with you.

Fewer cavities not only mean a healthier mouth, but also a happier child. Although our Santa Ana pediatric dental office is committed to making procedures such as getting a filling as comfortable as possible, any time that he or she can avoid the drill and the anxiety that it can produce, it’s a positive step. Why not schedule an appointment for your child by calling right now?

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