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Cavity prevention in Santa Ana

Santa Ana pediatric dental office
Santa Ana pediatric dental office

When you are looking for an expert pediatric dental practice, you will want to come to our office, Children’s Dental Group. At our practice, we have well over 20 dentists who specialize in different areas of pediatric dental care. Parents of young children are understandably concerned with helping their children prevent cavities. For tips and ways to help your child prevent cavities, come in and visit us at our Santa Ana pediatric dental office.

Children’s teeth can be much more prone to cavities than adult teeth. This is because children’s teeth can have grooves in them which make it difficult for tooth brushing and flossing to remove all plaque and bacteria. Additionally, most children are not known to be great tooth brushers. This is a skill which most people do better with as they get older! Additionally, a child’s diet may affect the number of cavities that they get. A diet that is high in sweets and carbs will increase your child’s number of cavities – especially, when your child is not great about brushing after meals or snacks. At our Santa Ana pediatric dental office, our pediatric dentist will be able to give you many tips to help keep your child from developing cavities, as well as provide dental cleanings.

At our Children’s Dental Group, we also offer different types of treatments which will help keep cavities at bay. Fluoride treatments are very instrumental in helping the tooth enamel become stronger and more resistance against decay. Dental sealants are used to actually protect the teeth from physically coming into contact with materials which may cause cavities. The dental sealants are actually painted on and last for many years. They provide a physical barrier between the tooth and plaque, bacteria and food debris. When these items mixed with saliva, it can cause a reaction in the mouth that will create an acid that will attack the tooth enamel. Tooth brushing will help keep this from occurring. If a person eats a lot of carbs and sugars they will have thicker saliva for, which will actually produce more acid-producing bacteria that helps cause cavities. Additional tips for cavity prevention include: limit frequency of meals and snacks; encourage brushing and flossing; don’t drink sugary sodas; avoid sticky foods; and choose nutritious snacks. To have your child meet with our pediatric dentist at our Santa Ana pediatric dental office, contact us today.

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