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Kids dental care in Santa Ana

Santa Ana dental office
Santa Ana dental office

Thank you for visiting Children’s Dental Group. Our Santa Ana dental office specializes in kids dental care and pediatric dental and orthodontics. Children should be using specially designed toothbrushes that are soft and rounded and small enough to fit their hands. We recommend coming in at least once a year to have your child’s teeth checked as they are growing in, to avoid tooth decay or gum disease. Children’s teeth are especially susceptible to gum disease.

Food and debris can get trapped in between growing teeth, which is why proper brushing is needed to remove the trapped food that can cause bacteria. Bacteria and sugars can cause tooth decay and cavities that decay teeth over time. For infant dental care, the teeth should be wiped with a soft cloth, and as they grow, a small child sized toothbrush can be used to brush teeth with a small amount of toothpaste. Children aged two to three can then begin brushing teeth, but parents should check their teeth to make sure the back teeth were reached and all food is removed. Plaque and tartar from food begin to build up on teeth, which brushing can help remove. Our Santa Ana dental office also recommends the use of dental sealants, which are applied to the back teeth and act as a barrier against sugars and other bacteria forming substances that contribute to tooth decay.

Tooth decay can be caused by sugars that manufacture acids which dissolve the teeth and can cause tooth infections. Parents should take care when giving infants a bottle of milk or juice to go to bed with, because the sugars in the formula can cause tooth decay quickly. We recommend putting children to bed with a more harmless substance such as water so as not to promote tooth decay.

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