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Pediatric Dentist in Santa Ana

Santa Ana Dental Office
Santa Ana Dental Office

For outstanding kids dental care, don’t just choose any dentist for your child, but rather specialists who work exclusively with kids day in and day out. Here at Children’s Dental Group, we’re committed to providing focused treatment and service, in a fun, welcoming atmosphere. The attitudes that adults have about dentistry are typically formed in the early years from the experiences of childhood. We strive to make those experiences positive ones.

It is undeniable that the first visit to our Santa Ana dental office might be met with some nervousness on the part of your child. Well, by the time she or he walks through the door, that should change immediately. Our office looks more like a kid’s paradise than a place to fear. We have the latest video games, fun rides, and movies that kids love. With our Santa Ana dental office, it’s harder to get him or her to leave than it is to show up. That first visit includes time to get acquainted. Your child will meet our staff and, of course, our pediatric dentist. The equipment and tools won’t seem so intimidating after the reason for them is explained and your child is assured that we do everything possible to maintain comfort and eliminate pain. In addition to administering local anesthesia gently so as to keep pain to a bear minimum, we also have sedation options available, which is ideal for kids who are exceptionally nervous or who are very young. Moving forward, you will want to bring her or him back every six months for checkups and cleanings. We will also provide valuable tips for handling teething, avoiding cavities, and other helpful subjects.

Now is the perfect time to call us to book an appointment for your child to come to our Santa Ana dental office. Regular visits greatly increase the odds of avoiding more complicated problems.

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