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Pediatric dentist in Santa Ana

Santa Ana dental care
Santa Ana dental care

Improper bites in children, if left untreated, lead to many oral health problems. If your child has an improper bite, it’s important to see a pediatric dentist at the Children’s Dental Group for Santa Ana dental care. There are many different types of improper bites children could have. The types of bites that would need to be corrected include: a crossbite, an open bite, an over bite, and an open jet.

Improper bites can cause many dental health problems. Therefore, they need to be corrected with appropriate Santa Ana dental care as soon as possible. Cross bites can cause: premature wear and tear on the teeth, gum disease and bone loss, asymmetrical development of the jaws, dysfunctional chewing patterns, and a less attractive smile. An open bite, which is an insufficient vertical overlap of the teeth. It needs to be corrected right away since timing of the treatment is critical to the overall success. Overbites can cause: improper positioning of the front teeth, the lower front teeth to bite into the gum tissue, unusual wear of the lower front teeth, jaw or joint problems and can make the smile less attractive. Overjets can: prevent the proper functioning of the front teeth, can lead to premature wear, and can make the smile less attractive. The good news is that all these malocclusions are treatable and can be corrected by seeing a professional orthodontist. Our dentists ate Children’s Dental Group are experts in all types of pediatric dental care. They are fully equipped to handle not only their orthodontic needs but all their dental care needs. Your children will be in great hands with our experts. If your child has a malocclusion, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dental specialists for a consultation and evaluation.

Contact our office to schedule your child’s Santa Ana dental care consultation today. One of our friendly staff members will be glad to assist you.

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