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Taking care of your teeth is more important than you may initially think. True, it is extremely important to brush your teeth twice a day, as well as floss and use a mouth rinse regularly, but regular checkups and dental cleanings are just as important to keeping up with your oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene and oral care leads to a happy healthy mouth, and this is especially important for kids with developing teeth. Here at Children’s Dental Group, our pedodontist in Santa Ana can help fill in the gaps in your child’s dental care.

Kid's Dental Cleanings Santa Ana
Kid’s Dental Cleanings Santa Ana

Baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth. Though some people may not think this is true because baby teeth fall out, these temporary teeth still act as a place holder for our permanent teeth. If you have clean, healthy baby teeth, it will help sustain the proper environment for permanent teeth to grow healthily as well. Here at Children’s Dental Group, our pedodontist in Santa Ana is here to provide a fun and comfortable environment that will set all kids at ease when visiting the dentist. Upon first visiting us here at Children’s Dental Group, your child will have a preliminary dental examination. During this exam, our pedodontist will establish your child’s oral health baseline and examine the state of their baby teeth. A child’s mouth typically has 20 teeth. Your child’s initial teeth will begin to erupt as early as 8 months of age. Different types of teeth will develop over time, but most primary teeth will have erupted by age 2 or 3. These teeth may not begin to fall out as late as 7 but can also begin to fall out as early as age 4. Every child is different, and regular visits with your pedodontist will help make sure that your child’s tooth eruption and loss is normal.

Permanent teeth do not begin to erupt until age 6 when their first molars begin to come in. It could also take as long as until age 12 for all primary teeth to fall out. Our pedodontist in Santa Ana at Children’s Dental Group is here to make sure that your child’s teeth are developing normally and healthily, making way for equally healthy permanent teeth.

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