Garden Grove pediatric sedation dentist

Garden Grove Pediatric Sedation Dentist

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Pediatric sedation in Garden Grove

Here at Children’s Dental Group, we want your child to have the most pleasant, comfortable experiences possible when she or he comes in. Toward that end, we focus on the control and even elimination of pain the treatment process, and our entire staff is friendly and patient. However, there are various circumstances that make it difficult or even impossible to provide the necessary degree of dental care without the use of pediatric sedation. We can assure you that it’s not only effective, but safe. We never take chances when it comes to your child’s well-being.

The method that our Garden Grove pediatric sedation dentist uses will depend on certain factors, such as the age of your child. Yes, even infants can benefit from sedation. Some of the most common reasons why sedation is utilized are related to nervousness and fear. This may be because of an unpleasant experience in the past, or just because he or she has anxiety that is beyond the ability to control. It’s perfectly normal, so the only thing that makes sense is to address it. Being fidgety or restless is also a reason that our Garden Grove pediatric sedation dentist works with your child to keep her or him relaxed. And if you have a special needs child, you can be assured that in addition to sedation, we make every effort to make his or her time here enjoyable or at the very least not scary. For deep IV sedation, we have dedicated and experienced dental anesthesiologists. And we also employ both nitrous oxide and other oral conscious sedation.

Our Garden Grove pediatric sedation dentist makes your child and you major priorities. You will both feel at ease. You can count on it. So please reach out to our office and set up an appointment right now.

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