Garden Grove Best Pedodontist

Garden Grove Best Pedodontist

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Pediatric Dentist in Garden Grove

At Children’s Dental Group our Garden Grove best pedodontist handles all aspects of children’s dental care including bite problems such as crossbites. A crossbite can happen in the front or sides of mouth, with single teeth or with multiple teeth. It is recommended to have the problem fixed early so that the teeth grow in correctly and without problems. If it is not corrected, a crossbite can cause premature wear on teeth, gum disease and bone loss, and poor development of the jaws, as well as dysfunctional chewing patterns.

Our Garden Grove best pedodontist corrects bites with braces by moving the teeth into the proper positioning. A retainer can be used in some cases. Sometimes intraoral appliances are used to expand the arch when there is multiple teeth in a crossbite. Another kind of bite problem is an open bite which happens when there is an insufficient vertical overlap of the teeth. Tongue thrusting, digit sucking or uneven jaws can cause this problem. It is critical to treat this problem in a timely manner through orthodontics that promote growth modification of the jaws, extrusion of the anterior teeth, or surgical correction. Breaking any oral habits contributing to it such as digit sucking can also help to correct this problem.

For more information call our Garden Grove best pedodontist today. As a part of the Western Dental family, we have specially designed our office to meet the special needs of children. We promote a fun, welcoming environment and things at our office that help connect with kids. This includes fun stuff such as video games, movie theaters and rides. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and offer braces for teens as well as adults. Call us today to experience the difference in pediatric dentistry, your child will thank you for it!

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