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Dentist in Santa Ana

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Kids dentist in Santa Ana

Dentist in Santa Ana
Dentist in Santa Ana

It is very important that your child comes in to see our pediatric dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings, even if they only have their primary teeth. Primary teeth are also commonly called baby teeth. Our dentist in Santa Ana will make sure that your child’s primary teeth remain healthy so that they can stay in your child’s mouth for as long as they are needed.

At Children’s Dental Group, we recommend that children come in to see our dentist in Santa Ana for their first dental exam when their first primary tooth emerges, or when they reach one year of age – whichever occurs first. Although baby teeth are not meant to remain in your child’s mouth forever, they do play several important functions in your child’s mouth. To begin with, primary teeth act as placeholders for permanent teeth which have yet to erupt. If the baby tooth falls out prematurely, the corresponding permanent tooth may end up erupting in the wrong location. This can cause serious orthodontic problems which will need to be corrected as you are child becomes older. Sometimes, interceptive orthodontic care at an early age can help solve orthodontic problems early. Primary teeth also allow your child to thoroughly chew his or her food. This means your child’s food will be more easily, and more completely digested, so that your child will receive the most nutrition from the food that he or she eats. Additionally, primary teeth help your child to develop clear speaking habits that will last a lifetime. So, as you can see, although baby teeth do not remain in your child’s mouth forever, it is important that they remain healthy so that they can stay in your child’s mouth to perform the important functions they are meant to do.

For an appointment for your child to see our expert pediatric dentist in Santa Ana, contact our office today. At our office your child will receive excellent, thorough, and gentle dental care.

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