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Dental Exam in Santa Ana

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Pediatric dental exams in Santa Ana

Dental exam in Santa Ana
Dental exam in Santa Ana

At Children’s Dental Group, we know kids. We’re experienced in treating kids for all kinds of dental problems, and we have the know how to treat them with a friendly hands on approach that allows your child to feel safe and comfortable while we perform a dental exam in Santa Ana.

Children should get a dental exam in Santa Ana each year because tooth decay and early childhood cavities are common. Kids don’t always clean teeth as they should, because they have trouble reaching the back teeth. Excess sugars can cause cavities. Children come in once a year for an exam and be taught as early as possible. Developing teeth are especially susceptible to tooth decay. Food and debris can get trapped in between their teeth, which lead to cavities and tooth decay. Having your child’s teeth checked whenever an issue arises can help prevent decay and help ensure that teeth are developing as planned. Another good thing to do is have dental sealants placed over your child’s teeth. This is a way to place a barrier over the back teeth and prevent decay. Dental sealants are ideal because most cavities start at a young age, and it protects their teeth for years to come.

For more information on early childhood cavities and how a dental exam in Santa Ana can help your child have healthier teeth, call our offices today. We can set up appointments and make sure your child has a good time while they’re visiting us. Our years of experience in providing children with the best in dental care and our pediatric dentist is experienced in caring for patients of all ages and providing them with specialized and individual attention in a clean, fun and relaxing atmosphere. We can also teach your child the proper way to brush, floss and take care of their teeth so that their teeth stay healthy for years to come.

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