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Children’s Dentist Santa Ana

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Children’s Dentist Santa Ana

Has your child lost a baby tooth early? Many of us believe that primary teeth are less important than permanent teeth, and as they will one day be replaced by adult teeth, but this is simply not the case. When a primary tooth is lost by means other than a permanent teeth growing in behind it, your child’s teeth need to be examined by their local Santa Ana CA children’s dentist. Teeth need assistance to grow in properly, and when it comes to the necessity of your children’s dental health care, parents need look no further than the kid-friendly and professional offices of the Children’s Dental Group.

Kids Dentist Santa Ana
Kids Dentist Santa Ana

Your child’s teeth are vital to their oral health, and their primary or baby teeth are no different. What many parents may not be aware of is that these teeth are vital to their son or daughter’s smile because they actually control your permanent. It is a known fact by your trusted Santa Ana CA children’s dentist nearly identically predict where adult teeth will grow in, meaning that unhealthy teeth from decay or malformed teeth will cause difficulties for permanent teeth later in life. Gaps in child’s smile through early loss of baby teeth can cause the alignment of teeth to shift in a negative way, which can result in impacted and poorly grown permanent teeth which will cause additional problems in adulthood. When adult teeth grow poorly, they require costly and complex care later in life to properly treat.

Fortunately your professional Santa Ana CA children’s dentist can assist you and your children with proper care that will prevent problems with permanent teeth later in life through the use of pediatric space maintainers. These forms of childhood dental care are not painful or invasive, but are simply crafted specifically to meet your child’s unique needs to insure that their teeth will stay in their correct positions. In doing so our doctors work to insure that permanent teeth grow correctly, and thusly prevent you and your child from having to endure further and more complicated treatments in their later years to correct their malformed teeth. These devices can be crafted from dental plastics or special metals that simply work to hold the space open for your missing tooth to allow it to grow in correctly.

Children’s teeth are always growing, and as such they need assistance to grow in a healthy and effective manner. For the best in professional pediatric oral health care, parents and children alike can trust their neighborhood Santa Ana children’s dentist at the offices of the Children’s Dental Group. Our uniquely child-oriented offices can put your son or daughter at ease, while giving them the care they need to insure a smile that is healthy and beautiful as they grow up.

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