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Children's Dentist Near Santa Ana

Children’s Dentist Near Santa Ana

According to popular belief, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So keep that in mind once you commit to helping your children improving their oral hygiene routine. Especially if that kind of actions means steering them away from ever experiencing the discomfort of a throbbing cavity. That’s why regular checkups are so pivotal. Go ahead and take them to pay a visit to a children’s dentist near Santa Ana. You’ll find plenty of those at the Children’s Dental Group.

Outside of checkups, what can your kids do to keep their teeth in tip-top condition? Repeat after me—abide by the infallible oral hygiene routine. That’s right. The good ‘ole tried and true method of brushing, flossing, and a swig (or two, or three) of mouthwash. If they have an uncontrollable sweet tooth you’ll want to (somehow) find a way to rein it in, drastically limiting the intake. Not just any sugar, though. Minimize refined sugars which are far more likely to create plaque. Speaking of which, if your child just can’t seem to keep the presence of plaque at bay, there is a helpful remedy—black and green tea. Really. You might be wondering how, exactly. Well, it turns out that drinking either of these does wonders for not only minimizing plaque buildup, but also fending off bacterial intrusions. There’s no issue with loving one’s carbonated beverages. As long as you make a habit out of using a straw. The erosive properties in carbonated drinks (sparkling water, soda, etc.) damages tooth enamel, weakening the integrity, making them more susceptible to cavities. Make sure your kids stay on top of their oral hygiene game by visiting us at Children’s Dental Group. Our children’s dentist near Santa Ana will assess his (or her) current condition.

Don’t let another minute pass by. Keep your children’s teeth in tip top condition by visiting a children’s dentist near Santa Ana. All you have to do is shoot Children’s Dental Group a call (or an e-mail) for a quick appointment. That’s all there is to it.

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